Tuilik Making -- Page 1

Here are a few pictures of my process for making a Neoprene Tuilik


(These just show the general process and are sure to leave you with questions on the finer points of tuilik making, I hope to sometime include more detail)


The pattern was devised by Shawn Baker and is available from the QajaqUSA Website.  This pattern can be easily modified to fit both you and your boat.  I made my gray one shown in the photo below to fit a keyhole cockpit and pull out and tie off the bungee a little tighter to fit a smaller traditional cockpit.   I have had good results using black neoprene glue to stick the pieces together, however, this is not the only way to put neoprene together.  Shawn Baker has done some very nice work using Aquaseal on his tuiliks (he applies the aquaseal after first sewing the seams).  This is how I've done it:


Here's the finished Product:


I start by gluing together the body pieces on one seam only, after which I glue the grippy strip along the bottom of the body pieces


I start with the strip a little long, then trim it to length after gluing.


And, then I glue the other body seam,

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